Net Worth Calculator


How much cash do you have on hand?

How much money do you currently have in your savings account(s)?

How much money do you have in shares, bitcoin, pension, etc?

Estimate the current value of your house (and other real estate you own).

Estimate the current value of your car (and other vehicles you own).

Estimate the value of any antiques, jewellery, stocks, bonds, business assets, etc.

Estimate the value of any other assets not mentioned above.


How much do you owe in loans?

How much credit card debt do you owe? Enter the total amount, not monthly payments.

What’s the total amount you still owe on your mortgage (and other properties owned)?

Do you have student loan debt? Enter the total amount owed, not monthly payments.

Do you have any personal loan debt (i.e. family or friends, payday loans)?

Loans taken for equipment, inventory, or expansion.

List any other debts you owe (i.e. medical bills, business loans, etc.).

Your Net Worth:

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