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What messages would you leave behind?

Write a will or capture heartfelt messages to send to your loved ones with the Waseeya Time Capsule 

Life is fleeting. We never know how much time we have on Earth. But no matter how much time we spend with our loved ones, we may never get to express how we really feel. Birthdays, weddings, and graduation, they’re all moments we get to share and celebrate with our loved ones. They’re moments to share messages and tell the special people in our lives how much they mean to us. If you couldn’t attend these events anymore, if you couldn’t share these significant moments with your loved ones, what messages would you leave behind? 

Writing or recording messages to your loved ones for them to view in the event of your passing is a great way to capture what you cannot say at the moment, or reminisce on the memories you want to remain. With the Waseeya Time Capsule, you can record video, audio or store letters to send to your loved ones, at a time of your choosing. It’s a safe, secure way to leave behind your legacy and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. 

What message would you leave behind? 

There are so many messages left unspoken, from how much we truly love someone, to forgiveness or acknowledgement of events. How many things have you left unsaid because it’s been too hard to speak in the moment? If you weren’t around any more to express yourself, what are the things you wish people would remember, or the things you never had a chance to say? 

Leave a message of love and kindness

Whether you want to confess your true feelings, remind a relative you care about or tell your children how much you adore them, a message left behind can mean the world to someone when they can no longer talk to you. Sometimes all the things we think go unspoken are actually memories waiting to be cherished.

Forgive or acknowledge

Maybe there’s someone you’ve fallen out with or a situation that you’ve always regretted the way in which you handled it. Maybe it’s not even something you were involved in, but something you know someone went through. Sometimes, a simple acknowledgement is what someone needs to hear. 

Life lessons and funny moments 

The messages we leave behind don’t have to be full of wisdom and advice, although if you’ve got some to share, then write them down! Maybe you have a fond memory you want everyone to remember, or a special day you’d like to talk about. It could even be a family recipe you don’t want getting lost. Life lessons don’t have to be heavy, they could be all the little things you’d like to pass on. 

How to capture messages to your loved ones

Writing down your messages is the obvious way to capture your memories, but not everyone can find the words that capture their meaning. Fill a notebook, or write and seal a letter, then leave it in a box or an easy-to-find drawer, perhaps where you’ve safely stored a printed copy of your will

Video or audio can carry more authenticity or spontaneity and allow you to share the essence of your message, without having to produce something eloquent or polished. You could record and download yourself talking in a video, and label each file with the name of the person you’re talking to. Be sure you leave a note in your will about these messages (or with other important documents) so they can be found in the event of your passing. 

The Waseeya Time Capsule lets you record messages to share with your loved ones. And you can share those messages at a time of your choosing, either in the event of your passing or at a specific time in the future. You can send a birthday message to your daughter on her 18th, or wish your cousin well on his graduation. You could congratulate that budding couple on a happy anniversary after five years, or grieve with your family on the annual date of a loved one’s passing. Whatever your passion, Waseeya can do the legwork for you and help you capture your memories and messages. 

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