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Ramadan Planning #theWaseeyaWay

As Muslims approach the month of Ramadan, we review how you can prepare for the holy month in a more practical way – by tending to your financial health.

Every year I ask myself the same question – how did that come about so fast? I promise myself that I’ll be more prepared next year. That I’ll have my Zakat ready and calculated. That I’ll organise my donations throughout the month. That I’ll maximise my ibadah, and complete my to-do lists well in advance. But it still takes me by surprise after all these years. Well, this year, I say, “No more”. Waseeya is here this year to help you sort out your finances #theWaseeyaWay and get on top of those to-do’s you’ve been putting off. 

Where to start? I’m looking at each ten days by category, as inspiration.

First ten days: Mercy

A lot of people want to make sure that their Zakat is paid during Ramadan. We maximise our reward in this month, so why not reap the benefits of this merciful month by performing your charitable deeds each year at this time? 

“Ramadan is an honourable and blessed month, and the rewards for generosity are multiplied in it.” 

In these days of mercy, also think of the mercy you can offer those in your family by putting all your affairs in order. Set out all your investments clearly with Waseeya’s online Vault and provide instructions on how best to deal with your assets when you are gone. 

To do:

☒ Pay up your Zakat in good time before the end of Ramadan so you make sure it is paid in time each year.

☒ Upload your investments on to Waseeya’s Vault

☒ Write a list of instructions and set out passwords for all your accounts taking advantage of Waseeya’s bank level 256-bit encryption 

Second ten days: Forgiveness

This month is a chance to reflect, not only on your self-improvement through the act of seeking forgiveness, but on what naseeha (advice) you would offer others from your life experience. You can use the Time Capsule on our app to send specifically timed video messages to the ones you love. Ramadan is a wonderful time to start making amends in this life, so to start jotting down those pieces of advice and leave only goodwill and positive memories as your legacy.

To do:

☒ Record video, audio and text-based messages for your nearest and dearest. So they know the advice you have to offer.

☒ Make amends to purify the heart and your intentions 

Last ten days: Safety 

{Allah desires to make things lighter for you…}

Safety or protection from the Hellfire is the special gift that we can seek out in these last ten days. As the blessed 27th night (or indeed any odd night that it could be) falls in these last ten days, this is a clear chance to think about how you want to plan for the next life. Will writing is an obvious way to make sure we do this. Waseeya’s app offers both a standard and a bespoke will writing service. Depending on your portfolio of assets, we can help you ensure the safety of your endowments and even appoint guardians for any children you may have. Rest your mind at ease knowing that you’ve taken care of your loved ones in the correct way according to Islamic law. 

A tidy home, makes a tidy mind. It’s time we tidied our financial home to get our minds in check before this month passes by at light speed again. See how Waseeya can help by logging on to register your interest this blessed month. And keep us in your duas! 

To do:

☒ Focus on your prayer and preparation for the next life in these last ten days.

☒ Write your standard or bespoke will, with the option of choosing an Islamic madhab if desired.

☒ Decide who you would like to care for your children in your absence. Have discussions with those people so that they know your intentions. 

☒ Sign up with Waseeya and get prepared for the blessed month ahead.

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