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The Ultimate Eidi

As Eid ul-Fitr approaches, Thasha Aly wonders what the best way to celebrate Eid is this year, and tries the #WaseeyaWay

It’s the most wonderful time of the (Islamic) year! Hearts will be glowing with samosas and insides warmed by hot coffee during daylight hours. After a month of determination, reflection and, let’s face it, slightly fragrant breath at work; it’s time to celebrate the end of Ramadan with Eid ul-Fitr. On this blessed day, it’s traditional (or Sunnah) for Muslims on Eid to wear new clothes, visit family or friends, and of course – exchange gifts. 

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Give each other gifts and you will love each other.”

The art of gift giving in Islam is called ‘hiba’. And at Waseeya, we love gifting. We love it so much that we’ve put our very own gifting feature into our app. So, why not think of this Eid as a chance to give some of your larger or more cherished assets to your loved ones? 

What could I give them?

It’s up to you really. Some of the most common gifts that Waseeya caters for are:

  • Cash
  • Property
  • Shares
  • A physical object 

Cash it In

Cash is an easy way to go when it comes to gifting from your estate to your loved ones. Everyone remembers those happy ruffles of the hair as a kid. Soon followed by a generous Uncle or Aunty handing you an envelope of Eid money (or ‘Eidi’ as it’s called in some cultures). You felt a rush as you hurried over to your parents to store it away safely for a special purchase you had in mind. 

Create that same gratitude and surprise in gifting to those around you this Eid. Whilst the Shariah predefines “a fixed share” for us all in our inheritances, there is no restraint on gifting to others in your lifetime. If you wish to give your relatives an additional gift to supplement their inheritance, why wait? Why not gift now the #WaseeyaWay and see them enjoy it first-hand? And, what’s better, provided the Donor doesn’t pass within 7 years of making the gift, this gift becomes tax free. Handy if you’re thinking of giving something bigger. Speaking of which… 

Home to Home

A common use of the Gift Deed function on our site is for transferring property between family members. It allows a property owner to transfer immediately without the need for court involvement, and avoids disputes after death over who is entitled to what. Now, this isn’t your average Eid present, but if you have a spare house lying around, you’ll definitely be everyone’s favourite person this year.

So Shiny

When it comes to Eid, we love gifting so much that we have it twice a year. We always tell our kids – “Christmas is only once a year, but you get TWO Eids, you lucky things.” (Pushing the upsell here.) And whilst we might not have the baubles, it doesn’t stop us from sharing important heirlooms that sparkle for us in their own way. Have a piece of jewellery you’d like to gift to a future daughter-in-law? Gift it. Thinking of handing down your favourite timepiece? Now is literally the time. Don’t delay seeing the impact such a gift can have on those around you.

Share the Love

If you have investments that you no longer need, why not pass them on this Eid as a long-term gift that keeps on giving? Transfer shares and securities as part of your hiba this Eid ul-Fitr. How do you get started? Well, if you use Waseeya’s Gift Deed, you can ensure that these gifts become legally enforceable. Protect their ownership for the recipient and have things sorted in advance. 

Ready to find out more? Sign up for free now on our website or download the app to get sharing the #WaseeyaWay, straight away. 

That’s your gift list sorted then. 

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